Yes on 103! Bright Colorado initiative certified for November ballot.

Sen. Heath speaks at Civic Center Plaza before delivering over 140,000 signatures to the Secretary of State

Thanks to all the volunteers who made possible the choice to start reinvesting in Colorado schools! Our work is not done, we must continue to reach out to friends and neighbors to tell them why a yes vote on Proposition 103 is a vote for our schools, communities and economy.

The Colorado Secretary of State’s Office confirmed on August 24th that the broad coalition of organizations supporting the measure submitted a sufficient number of signatures for it to qualify for the ballot. The Secretary of State announced the initiative will be listed on the ballot as Proposition 103.

The decision comes after the coalition submitted 142,160 signatures collected by more than 800 people in more than 100 Colorado communities during a 10-week period this summer.


Strong economies are built on the foundation of strong public schools.  Investing in great schools and educational excellence are keys to our quality of life – boosting property values, preparing our children for good jobs, and making Colorado a place where people want to live, work and raise a family.

But in recent years the Colorado Legislature has made irresponsible and short-sighted cuts to education – at the pre-school, primary, secondary and higher education level.  These cuts have real consequences – forcing teacher layoffs, larger classes and fewer programs and opportunities.   Classroom cuts also make it harder for Colorado to attract new businesses and get our economy back on track, and threaten to make a college education an unaffordable dream for too many Colorado families.  

The political establishment in Denver has failed to address our fiscal and education challenges.   We can do better.   This year, the citizens of Colorado have an opportunity to do what the politicians have failed to do – to put children first, stop the cuts to public education and begin rebuilding our educational and economic future. 

Vote yes for education this November!

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